Grottes de Vallorbe

Useful Information

Location: 3km SW Vallorbe, 30km NE Lausanne. Street to the parking lot near the power plant. 300m to cave entrance.
Open: Palm Sunday to MAY Tue-Sun 9-12, 13-17.
JUN-AUG daily 9-12, 13-18.
SEP to All Saint's Day Tue-Sun 9-12, 13-17.
In the Winter, by reservation only for groups.
Fee: Adults CHF 12, Children CHF 6.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Speleologyriver cave
Light: electric.
Dimension: T=8-11°C, A=776m asl.
Guided tours: D=60min.
Address: L'Office du Tourisme de Vallorbe, Grandes-Forges 11, Case postale 90, 1337 Vallorbe, Tel: +41-21-8232583, Fax: +41-21-8432262. E-mail: contact
Cave, Tel: +41-21-8432274.
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1962 discovered.
07-APR-1974 opened to the public.
1987 second part of exploitation.


The entrance of the Grottes de Vallorbe is close to the source of the Orbe, a very nice karst spring. In 1962 divers tried to dive the siphon of this spring and discovered the cave behind it. It took 12 years until it was opened to the public, the cave is now accesible by an 80m long artificial tunnel. The cave is a long and winding tunnel leading to the subterranean river Orbe. It contains beautiful speleothems like straws and calcite crystals.

The water of the near by lakes Lac de Joux and Lac de Brenet (1,000m asl) is flowing through the cave. The river, which springs from the cave, gave its name to the valley (Val d'Orbe) and the town Vallorbe, which is just a short form of Val d'Orbe.