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Bad Pfäfers. Public Domain.
Location: Bad Pfäfers, near Bad Ragaz. A13 Zürich-Chur, exit Bad Ragaz Nord, towards center, turn left to train station. From train station or center of Bad Ragaz take public bus to Bad Pfäfers. Walking from Bad Ragaz 1 h, from Valens (steep) 20 min, from Pfäfers 50 min, from Ragol 1 h.
Open: Gorge: MAY daily 11-17.
JUN to SEP daily 10-18.
OCT daily 11-17.
Bus: 30-APR to 16-OCT daily in: 9:35-17:35 hourly, out: 10-18 hourly.
Rössliposcht: 30-APR to 16-OCT daily in 13:40, out 16.
Fee: Gorge: Adults CHF 3.
Bus: Adults CHF 11, Children CHF 6, Groups (10+): Adults CHF 8.
Rössliposcht: Adults CHF 25.
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
Guided tours: self guided, D=45 min.
Bibliography: Bernhard Anderes (1999): Führer zum Alten Bad Pfäfers, Drucki-Papeterie, Sarganserstrasse 9, 8887 Mels, ISBN-Nr. 3-907926-22-6.
Address: Taminaschlucht, Altes Bad Pfäfers, Edi Reber & Andrea Eder, 7310 Bad Ragaz, Tel: +41-81-302-7161, Fax: +41--81-302-4161. E-mail: contact
Bus: Busbetrieb Gessinger, Bad Ragaz, Tel: +41-81-3022385, Fax: +41-81-3022772.
Rössliposcht: C. Kurath, Bad Ragaz, Tel: +41-81-3023175, Fax: +41-81-3026450.
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Taminaschlucht. Public Domain.
740 abbey Pfäfers founded.
~1240 hot springs discovered.
~1350 first spa in the gorge erected by the monks.
1382 oldest written account.
1535 Theophrastus Paracelcus (*1493-✝1541), famous doctor, natural scientist and philosopher, becomes first medical doctor of the spa.
1704 Abbot Bonifaz I. Tschupp hires the Tirolian Andreas Menzenkopf to build a new bath.
1718 Abbot Bonifaz II. zur Gilgen inaugurates the bath.
1838 bath owned by the Kanton St. Gallen.
1969 bath closed.
1983 start of restauration.
1987 tunnel to the spring grotto built.
1995 restauration completed, bath is now culture center.


Taminaschlucht. Public Domain.

Taminaschlucht is the gorge of the Tamina river, a tributary of the Oberrehein. Bad Ragaz is built on the alluvial fan of the Tamina, before it flows into the Rhein. The famous spa is based on a healing spring, which is located in the Tamina gorge, about 4 km from the village. To develop this spring for medical use, a bath was built in the Middle Ages, called Bad Pfäfers. At this time people had to walk into the gorge, or were lowered into the gorge in a basket on a rope. From Pfäfers above Bad Pfäfers its 150 m height difference.

Today there is a 4 km road into the gorge to Bad Pfäfers and the entrance of the Taminaschlucht, the most narrow part of the vallley. But the city center of Bad Ragaz is for pedestrians only, and this road into the gorge too. There are three ways to get to the gorge: walk almost an hour, take the public bus or hire a horse car called Rössliposcht. The public bus starts at the train station (parking lot), stops at the post office and the spa, and goes in and out once an hour from 9 to 18. From the old spa, which is now a cultural center, you enter the gorge whith its 500 m long path.

The Tamina gorge is really narrow, before it was a valley with steep walls, but now it is a hundred metre deep, irregular shaped crack in the rock. About 10 m apart, the two walls are almost parallel, but not vertical. The whole gorge is toppled about 15 degree. The path is constructed along the eastern side, and the western side is hanging over the path. At the end of the 500 m long gorge is a tunnel, constructed in 1987, which leads to the grotto of the thermal spring. A small spring on the side produces 36.6 °C warm water, but the main spring is collected and used for the spas in Bad Ragaz.