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Location: Near Adelboden at Tregel Bus Stop
Open: MAY to OCT no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
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Address: Adelboden-Tourismus, Dorfstrasse 23, 3715 Adelboden, Tel. +41-33673-8080, Fax +41-33673-8092. E-mail: contact
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2004 trail through the gorge renovated, bridges and staircases constructed.


The Cholerenschlucht is a deep gorge with a length of about 100m, where the water of the Engstlige cuts through massive rocks. The result is a narrow gorge, only few meters wide with smoth and round erosional forms including dolly tubs. The trail exists for a long time, but in 2004 it was develped and is now equipped with new, comfortable bridges and staircases. They ar built along the walls of the gorge, high above the roaring water.

The gorge ends at an pool called Jungbrunnen (fountain of youth). 20 minutes up the valley is the Pochtenkessel, where Engstlige and Otterebach meet. This huge natural amphtheatre is very impressive.

The gorge is rather inaccessible and the only way to see it is by foot. The local public transport Automobilverkehr Frutigen-Adelboden AG offers a round ticket which makes this rather simple. The best pace to start is the bus stop Tregel, the gorge is reachend on a 15 minutes walk. On the other side there a two possible stops, either Ausserschwand Schul, which is a 20 minutes walk across the hill or 15 minutes along level roads to Neuweg.

Do not mix up this gorge and the GorgeCholerenschlucht near Thun. This Cholerenschluch is located at the foot of 3,000m high mountains. The other Cholerenschluch is located in an 200m high escarpment formed of conglomerates in the foothill of the Alps. Although the distance is only 25km the geology and character of the gorges is totally different.