Black Hole

Useful Information

Location: South Andros ()
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: KarstDoline Karstblue hole
Light: n/a
Dimension: L=310 m, W=270 m, VR=47 m.
Guided tours: n/a
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
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The Black Hole of Andros is quite famous among scientists, but definitely not an average tourist sight. Located quite remote on South Andros the huge blue hole is actually a black hole. This is the term for blue holes which contain a sort of black layer at the bottom. The reason is not completely understood, but it seems that it is a layer of oxygen free water full of anaerobic bacteria. As a result it is deadly for normal animals which need oxygen. Diving is quite difficult too, as this layer is warm, even hot, and there is no sight.

We listed this place because of its fame and its great scientific value. As far as we see there is no touristic value and no tours offered. However, it is