Poço Fervedouro

Fervedouro Spring - Fervedouro do Alecrim

Useful Information

Location: At Jalapão. São Félix do Tocantins, State of Tocantins, Brazil.
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: KarstKarst Spring
Guided tours:  
Photography: Allowed
Address: Poço Fervedouro
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Poço Fervedouro or Poço do Fervedouro (Fervedouro Spring) is a fantastic place, a turquoise pot with white sand on the ground, surrounded by banana trees. The karst spring wells up from below the sand, fed by a cave stream. The plue colour is a typical result of the high limestone content.

The people bathing in the well are continually pushed up by the flowing water, which creates an eerie floating feeling. To make sure this works, only six people at the same time are allowed in the well. The yield is so high that the swimmers are not able to reach the bottom, even the sand is in a continuous state of floating.

The limestone rich water creates travertine dams in the river below, by depositing the limestone. One of those dams nearby is called Cachoeira da Formiga (Ant Waterfall). It forms a natural pool of crystal clear water and emerald green at its foot. This is also a famous bathing spot.

The Jalapão desert is actually a large Oasis, a transition region between the Caatinga and Cerrado. The numerous karst springs form several rivers, tributaries to the River Tocantins, which make this area the home of diverse flora and fauna. The roads are rather poor, so it is typically travelled by a 4x4 vehicles.