Buraco das Andorinhas

Useful Information

Location: Northeast of Formosa.
From Formosa follow BR20 for 41 km to the village Bezerra, 5 km after the village turn left on dirt road (signposted), at the turnoff turn first right then cross the road. Follow dirt road for 7 km, turn right, follow dirt road for 5 km, turn right again, road ends after 600 m at parking lot. 230 m walk to the doline.
(-15.354123, -47.126493)
Open: no restrictions.
Itakamã: All year daily 8.
Fee: free.
Itakamã: Per Person BRL 125.
Classification: SpeleologyQuartzite Karst Caves KarstDoline
Light: bring full caving equipment
Dimension: Doline: L=90 m, W=70 m, D=70 m. Cave: L=167 m, VR=148 m.
Guided tours: self guided
Itakamã: D=6 h, MinAge=10, MaxWeight=110kg.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Buraco das Andorinhas, Itakamã, Formosa - GO, Tel: +55-61-99942-5098. E-mail: E-mail:
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The Buraco das Andorinhas (Hole of the Swallows) is a huge doline in quartzite with a cave at the bottom. The doline is visited by tour operators on full day tours with an optional 40 m abseil and a cave tour. Afterwards the participants have to climb up a steep trail along the wall of the doline. If you do not want to abseil, you can also climb down the trail. The climb is difficult and requires surefootedness, no fear of heights, and physical fitness. The trail is said to be 260 m long, which is obviously a useless number as it is very steep and difficult, and the main obstacle is the depth, not the length. There are several rope passages and it is comparable to a via ferrata.

At the end of the cave is an underground lake which is used for swimming. It is the surface of the karst water table, not a cave river, as a result it does not change its level or become muddy after heavy rains. The lake is 180 m long and considered one of the largest accessible underground lakes in Brazil. The water is not very warm, but warm enough for a refreshing swim after the strenuous climb.