Ledenika - Ledenika Cave

Useful Information

Location: Near Rakitovo, Vratsa Mountains, 6 km southwest of Vratsa on the road to Milanovo. Vrachanski Balkan Natural Park.
(43.204653, 23.492645)
Open: All year daily 9-18.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System LightColoured Light LightSon et Lumière
Dimension: L=300 m, VR=37 m, T=4.5-5.5 °C, H=92 %, A=850 m asl
Guided tours: L=350 m, D=60 min.
V=100,000/a [1989]
Address: Развлекателен парк "Леденика", ул. „Леденик“, 3000 Враца, Tel: +359-877-419-253. E-mail:
Tel: +359-889-616-614, Tel: +359-878-225-910.
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1922-1925 first speleological exploration and survey by Nenko Radev.
1927 the owner Hr. Chomakov donates 100 decares of meadows and forests to the tourist company "Veslets", Vratsa.
28-NOV-1960 declared a natural landmark and listed with protected territories and areas in Bulgaria.
1961 opened to the public.
2005 infrastructure entirely renovated.
06-MAR-2010 cave managed by the Vratsa Municipality.


The cave of Леденика (Ledenika, Glacier Cave) is very cold. In winter the entrance area contains lots of icicles, flowstones of ice, in some years they last until late summer. This is the reason, why cave is called Ledenika: Led means Ice, Ledenika means Glacier. The temperature in the entrance section may fall to -7, or even to -15 °C, depending on the outside weather.

The biggest room called Concert Hall, is one of the largest chambers in the Bulgarian caves, 23 m high. It has been the location of concerts and performances for several times. A concert is conducted every year during the Days of Botev, from 24-MAY to 02-JUN. The poet Hristo Botev (1848–1876) and his detachment gave their lives in the fight for liberation from the Ottoman occupation.

Ledenika is richly decorated with speleothems: stalactites, stalagmites, curtains and water falls. Thus, it is the most frequently visited show cave in Bulgaria. Its infrastructure was entirely renovated in 2005, unfortunately with coloured light, which is a bit annoying. They also installed a light show with coloured laser. Since 2010 the municipality Vratsa is responsible for the cave administration. In the surroundings the Ledenika Amusement Park was developed during a project of the European Union. The result are numerous outdoor activities for families like zip line, eco trails, and climbing in the trees.