Grotten Van Kanne

Useful Information

Location: At Kanne. From Kanne follow bridge across Albertkanaal, at roundabout second exit. Signposted.
Open: JAN to JUN Sat, Sun 14.
JUL to AUG daily 14.
SEP to DEC Sat, Sun 14.
Fee: Adults EUR 3.50.
Groups (15+): Minimum EUR 52.50.
Classification: MineLimestone Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=16,000 m, T=12 °C.
Guided tours: D=75 min.
Address: Grotten Van Kanne vzw, Clementine Cranssen, Avergat 14, 3770 Kanne, Mobile: +32-479-447446. E-mail: contact
Feestzaal "De Grotten Van Kanne", Avergat 14, 3770 Kanne.
Resevations: Lydia Vanderstraeten, St.-Hubertusstraat 6, 3770 Kanne, Mobile: +32-487-365271, Fax: +32-12-454479. E-mail: contact
Toerisme Limburg, Tel: +32-12-440375
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~1700 begin of mining.
1970 end of mining.


The Grotten Van Kanne (Caves of Kanne) are limestone quarries located south of the village of Kanne. The cretaceaous limestone is about 70 Million years old. It was mined since around 1700 until 1970. In this period some 16 kilometers of often eight meters high passages was created. In total there are 80 quarries in the Reimst area which cover an area of 150ha and have a total length of about 300 km. The oldest quarry of the area has been in use in 1468, when the visit of a painter in the quarry is documented. However, it is not possible to determine the age of the different quarries.

Today the quarry is still used for various purposes. It is home to the last underground mushroom farm in Belgium. It is used to store the famous Grottenbier (cave beer), a local beer specialty. A part is used as a restaurant called Feestzaal (ballroom). There is a museum with fossils of sea urchins, fish and other former residents of the Cretaceous sea. And finally there are murals and sculptures which were made by the quarry workers, probably for their own amusement. The guided tour includes all those sights, and finally the visitors get a rijstetaart (rice cake), which was made in the caves.

The restaurant Feestzaal (ballroom) is used for family parties and events. There are numerous themed events, e.g. spooky dinners or magic night. Parties are organized from 60 to 350 persons. The prices are all inclusive, which means the organizer does not have the risk of unplanned costs.