Grotte de Mont-Fat

Familiy Park of Mont-Fat

Useful Information

Location: Dinant. Motorway E411 exit 20, route Ciney-Dinant, signposted.
Open: APR-AUG 10:30-19.
SEP-OCT Sat, Sun 11-18.
Fee: Adults BEF 150, Children BEF 120. Groups: BEF 130, Children BEF 100.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=60 min.
Bibliography: Anne Court (1968): Grotte la Merveilleuse and Grotte de Mont-Fat, The Speleologist, Vol 2 No 15 Spring 1968 pp 21-22 (see link below)
Yves Quinif (2002): La grotte de Montfat: un jalon dans l'évolution de la vallée de la Meuse, Karstologia, Issue 40, 2002
Address: Parc Familial du Mont-Fat, rue en Rhée 15, B-5500 Dinant, Tel: +32-82-222783, Fax: +32-82-613635
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1833 visited by King Leopold and Queen Louis Marie d'Orleans.
1829 Excavations in the cave revealed the remains of eighteen glacial mammals, including lynx, hyena, bear and rhinoceros. .


The Grotte de Mont-Fat is named after its location. The huge limestone cliff is called Mont-Fat and overlooks the river Meuse. On top of the cliff 120 meters. On top is the citadel with its superb view, but underground is a series of caverns and galleries. The entrance hall, called

The Grotte de Mont-Fat is located inside the Parc Familial du Mont-Fat (Familiy Park of Mont-Fat).