Grottes des 1001 Nuits

Grottes de Hotton

Useful Information

Location: Near Hotton.
Open: APR-JUN, SEP-OCT daily 10-17. JUL-AUG daily 10-17.
Fee: Adults EUR 7, Children (5-11) EUR 5, Groups: Adults EUR 6, Children (5-11) EUR 4.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=12 °C, L=5,000 m.
Guided tours: D=60 min., L=300 m. (Flemish English Français - French)
Address: Grottes des 1001 Nuits S.A., Chemin du Spéléoclub de Belgique, 6990 Hotton, Tel: +32-84-466048, T.V.A. 404.356.079, Reservations in winter: Tel: +32-83-688365
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This cave has two names, the name Grottes de Hotton is easy to understand, as they are located near the village Hotton. The favored name Grottes des 1001 Nuits is a bit strange, as nothing in or around the cave resembles the stories of 1001 night. This name seems to be a sort of advertising stunt.

The cave is very interesting, as the layers in the area are nearly vertical. They were tilted by the orogenetic forces, which formed the Ardennes. So the cave developed along the vertical layers and most of the passages have a rectangular profile. On side of the passage is the upside of a layer, the opposite side is the downside of a layer. The roof shows numerous cut through layers. The passages follow the layers.

The surfaces show interesting erosive forms, like Karren. Some layers are less harder, some are softer. At the floor and ceiling the softer layers are more easily eroded.

The cave has only very small speleothems, a few soda straws. The stalactites grow with about 8 mm in one hundred years, which is far below average in caves with this rather high temperature.

The tour goes down several levels and ends at an balcony, overlooking a huge hall. The cave has deeper parts and the lowest level of the cave is an active river cave.