Pećina Bijambare

Bijambare Cave

Useful Information

Location: Bijambare, between Nišići and Krivajevići villages, Ilijaš Municipality, north-eastern Sarajevo Canton. Follow main road Sarajevo-Tuzla, turn off on asphalt road at 40 km from Sarajevo, 90 km from Tuzla. Turn north towards Bijambare hut.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: A=945 m asl.
Guided tours: L=420 m.
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1954 declared a natural monument.
1998-2000 renovation of paths and electric light.


Bijambare are actually five different caves located in a nature resort around 95 m asl. They are called Upper Cave, Main Cave, Lower Cave, Duricina Cave, and Dimsina Cave. All of them are open to visitors, but Main Cave is the only show cave, equipped with electric light and paths.

Srednja Bijambarska Cave (Main cave) is a single exit cave. The tour follows the main branch of the cave for about 420 m through four chambers, then the visitor return the same way to the entrance. The fourth chamber is the biggest one, 60 m in diameter and 15-30 m in height. Because of its good accoustics it is called Music Hall. The last part of the passage is rather narrow, and was widened artificially during the development of the cave. As a result the air current flowing through the cave ends before the last chamber, which is rather poorly ventilated. As a result CO2 exhaled by tourists stays in the chamber for a long time, after they already left the cave. This was measured during a scientific research carried out to help the development of the area as a tourist destination.

Main Cave is famous for numerous speleothems, especially stalactites, stalagmites, and draperies. The entrance allows a nice view over the surrounding forests. The entrance part of the cave has ice stalagmites during winter.