Useful Information

Location: Signosted from the Bundesstraße at Wörschach. 10 minutes walk from the parking lot.
Open: MAY to OCT daily 8-18.
Fee: Adults EUR 3, Children EUR 2, Annual entry EUR 7, Sommercard free.
Groups (15+): Adults EUR 2.50, School Pupils EUR 1.80.
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
Guided tours: self guided, D=90min
Photography: Allowed. Best time around noon.
Accessibility: steep wooden staircases with uneven steps
Address: Wildromantische Wörschachklamm, 8942 Wörschach, Tel: +43-676-87837334.
Gemeindeamt Wörschach, Dr. Alfons Gorbach Platz 16, 8942 Wörschach, Tel: +43-3682-22301, Fax: +43-3682-22301-4.
E-mail: contact
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1880 end of wood transports through the gorge.
1901 Gabriel Schally climbed through the gorge and started the construction of a wooden trail.
OCT-1902 trail completed and opened to the public.


The Wörschachklamm is located behind the town Wörschach. The water of the Wörschachbach (Wörschach brook) cuts deep into the mountainside. The result is a narrow gorge with vertical walls where the brook forms a white-water with many small waterfalls.

In former centuries the gorge was used to transport wood and charcoal from the mountainside into the valley. This was rather difficult because of the numerous turns, drops, and the big rocks in the gorge. It was necessary to use horses to pull the wood through some passages. At this time obviously some kind of trail must have existed, the bolts were they were attached can still be seen in the walls. Nevertheless, several accidents were the reason to stop this around 1880.

The modern trail was built for tourists, initiated by Gabriel Schally from Maitschern near Wörschach. The owner of a sawmill climbed through the gorge in 1901 and started the construction in the same year. The trail ended at a place called Kuchl, and was completed and inaugurated in the following year. The trail is built of wood, and partly destroyed by every flood, so it is necessary to rebuild it regularly.

The walk through the gorge takes about one hour. The trail is mostly very steep and requires good walking shoes and some surefootedness. The best time for photographers is around noon: as the gorge runs from the north to the south the sun shines into the gorge for almost two hours.