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Location: Ferlach.
On the Loibl Pass road, south of Ferlach, south of Unterloibl. Form Unterloibl follow B91 south for 800 m to parking lot. 20 min walk to the ticket office.
Open: 23-APT to 26-OCT daily 8:30-.
Fee: Adults EUR 6.50, Children (6-15) EUR 3.50, Children (0-5) not allowed, Students EUR 4.50, Seniors (65+) EUR 4.50, Kärnten Card free.
Groups (15+): Adults EUR 5.50, Children (6-15) EUR 2.50.
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
Dimension: L=1,200 m.
Guided tours: Self guided, D=90 min one way.
Address: Tscheppaschlucht, Stadtgemeinde Ferlach, Kirchgasse 5, 9170 Ferlach, Tel: +43-4227-260031, Tel: +43-4227-4920, Fax: +43-4227-2311. E-mail: contact
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The Tscheppaschlucht is located on the Austrian side of the Loibl Pass, which is the border between Austria and Slovenia. Cut into the rock by the Loiblbach, this is a nice walk if you spend your holliday here, or a fine stop on your way south to the holiday destination in Slovenia or Croatia.

From the parking lot its a 20 minutes walk to the ticket office at the Goldenes Brünnl (Golden Fountain). Here the gorge starts, the trail built along the rock face of the narrow valley. It becomes rather impressive at the Hohe Leiter (High Ladder). After a little forest a spiral staircase follows with a suspension bridge. The gorge has seven waterfalls, and the seventh one is the most impressive, the 26 m high Tschaukofall. It is reached by crossing the Teufelsbrücke (Devils Bridge), a natural bridge

This is definitely not a sunday afternoon stroll, good shoes are necessary. People who are not able to walk at least four kilometers or are suffering from giddiness should renounce. You may either walk up 800 m to the gorge and 1,200 m through the gorge and then back again, or you may walk up, turn right into the Bodental, and then take a ride back to the parking lot on the Tscheppaschlucht-Bus. The bus stops hourly at the Bodental, Windisch Bleiberg, the restaurant Deutscher Peter, and the Tschaukofall.