Truitt's Cave

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Location: Lanagan, Missouri, about 290 km south of Kansas City. Hwy 59 between Anderson and Noel. Hwy 71 south to Hwy 59, at Anderson turn west 5km on 59.
Open: closed [2004]
Fee: closed [2004]
Classification:  Karst cave
Light: electric
Guided tours: D=45min. wheelchair accessible
Address: Truitt's Cavern, 313 South Main Street, Lanagan, MO 64847, Tel: +1-417-436-2299. E-mail: contact
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1940opened to the public.
2002purchased by Debbie and Bryon Stewart and reopened.
25-AUG-2004closed and for sale.


Image: The Towers. Early Postcard (1908) by G.H. Faulkner, the former owner.

Truitt's Cave is named after John Truitt, who was called the "Caveman of the Ozarks". He discovered and developed six caves in this area as show caves. His story is told on the cave tour.

The cave shows nice speleothems and a cave river. But the most interesting thing with this cave is the cave restaurant. It is rather unusual to dine inside a cave. Despite the name there is no resaurant, the chamber called dining room is open for free picnics. It offers an underground fireplace with a natural solution slot as chimney. The place was advertised as cave restaurant of yesteryear and was mentioned in Ripley's Believe It or Not.

The cave is closed since 2004 and we do not know if and when it will be reopend. We will publish any news as soon as we hear it.

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