Beckham Creek Cave Lodge

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Location: Parthenon, 20km west of Jasper. Hwy 7 in Jasper, take 74 west for 200m, turn left onto 327 to Parthenon, (10km), turn right on to a dirt road labeled "Murray", follow 5km to fork in the road, take right fork for 800m to gate.
Open: All year daily.
Fee: As it is a hotel: 2 night stay, 2 people, $367.50 per night.
Additional person $69.50, Children (13-16) $35, Children (-12) free.
2 night minimum stay.
Classification: Cave house built inside  Karst cave.
Light: electric
Dimension: L=3,200m.
Guided tours: n/a
Address: Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Patty Gibson, HC 72 Box 45, Parthenon, Arkansas 72666, Tel: +1-888-371-CAVE or +1-870-446-6045. E-mail: contact
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1983-1987cave expanded for use as a bomb shelter by John Hay of Boulder, CO.
1998bought by Tao Klein of St. Louis, MO.


Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is a really comfortable cave dwelling. It is a house inside a karst cave, built once as a bomb shelter, but now open to everyone willing to pay the rates.

The cave house was built by closing the cave portal with a massive rock wall. The entrance hall of the cave is divided into numerous rooms on two levels. The house has a main hall which is as high as the cave hall. To the front is a kitchen on the lower floor and a gambling room with a pool billiard at the upper floor. At the rear are three bedrooms on the lower floor, each with its own bath. Above them sitting area, and two more bedrooms with bath are reached by a wooden staircase.

The house is is an ideal place for a celebration or for a nice weekend. The current owner rents it for such occasions as an exclusive resort. Because of its building, the hotel is rented as whole and for a minimum of two days.

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