Delaware Copper Mine

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Location: Delaware, Keweenaw County, MI. U.S. 41, 19km south of Copper Harbor.
Open: JUN to AUG daily 10-18.
SEP to OCT daiyl 10-17.
Last Tour begins 45 minutes before closing time.
Classification:  Copper Mine
Light: electric.
Guided tours: D=45min., VR=35m.
Address: Delaware Copper Mine, US-41, Copper Harbor, MI 49918, Tel: +1-906-289-4688. E-mail: contact
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1847mining started.
1887mining ended.
1977show mine opened.


In the Delaware Copper Mine, during a period of fourty years in the mid 19th century, about 3,600 tons of copper were removed from five shafts. The mine had 10 levels, the deepest one being 430m deep. The tour visits the first level at a depth of 35m, where the copper ore and other geologic specialties are shown. The underground tour is guided, but it is possible to visit the mine in self guided tours too. The paths are safe and well lit, but visitors get helmets, probably juust to create the right atmosphere.

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