Robber Baron Cave

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Location: San Antonio
Open: After appointment, once a year open day.
Fee: free.
Classification:  Karst cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=1,512m.
Guided tours:  
Address: Texas Cave Management Association (TCMA), P.O. Box 7427, Austin, TX 78713. E-mail: contact
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1918oldest dated graffitti in the cave.
1926opened to the public.
1970managed by members of the Bexar Grotto.
1995acquired by the Texas Cave Management Association.
2008cave cleaned and closed by door.


The entrance to Robber Baron Cave is a large sinkhole. It was developed as a showcave in 1926, and until its closure in 1933 some 300,000 people have visited the cave. The visitors were lowered to the entrance with a cable car. The enromous number of visitors is probably a result of its location right in the middle of San Antonio.

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