Kristalnaja pestera - Crystal Cave - Jaskinia Kryształowa

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Location: Gypsum karst of Podolie. Near the village of Krivche, Ternopil District.
Classification: Gypsum.
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=22.000m, T=10,2°C.
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Bibliography: Nechay (1933): Przewodnik po jaskiniach w Krzywczu
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1745first mentioned in a Polish scientific publication.
1933detailed study of the cave undertaken by Nechay. Published with the title Przewodnik po jaskiniach w Krzywczu (Guide to the Krzywcze Caves).
1930scave developed as a show cave and soon became a huge attraction.
World War IIthe entrance to the cave was destroyed.
1961a precise topographical study was completed during a special karst expedition, headed by the famous Professor V.m. Dubliansky.


Krystal'na, the crystal cave, is famous for its numerous calcite, aragonite and gypsum speleothems. With 22km of passages, it is also the largest cave of Ukraine and among the World's longest caves.

The Crystal Cavern also holds a strange secret: In 1962 an expedition found the skeleton of an unknown man. They also found imperial Russian 5 kopeck coins, that tell about the maximum age of this person. But story behind this death is still unknown.

The cave belonged to Poland until the end of World War II, when the borders of Poland were drawn new by the Allied. The development of the cave was very expensive, but it made the cave the most poular show cave of Poland in the time between World War I and II. At this time the cave was called Jaskinia Kryształowa in Polish.

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