Gruvmuseet Bjuv

Bjuv Mining Museum

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Open: JUN Sat 11-14, Sun 13-16.
JUL to 15-AUG Tue-Fri 13-16, Sat 11-14, Sun 13-16.
Fee: Adults SEK 30, Children (7-16) SEK 10, Children (0-6) free.
Groups (20+): Adults SEK 15, Minimum per Tour SEK 300.
Classification:  Coal Mine
Light: electric.
Guided tours:  
Address: Gruvmuseet Bjuv, Tel: +46-42-85230.
Bjuvs kommun, Mejerigatan 3, Box 501, 26725 Bjuv, Tel: +46-42-85000, Fax: +46-42-78232. E-mail: contact
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This museum is dedicated to the local coal mining history. Full scale models show the work at the mine, the typical social live of miners and their families. It also explain the formation of the coal 150 Million years ago.

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