Israel by Region

 Center District:  Bīr al-Anezīya
 Haifa District:
 Jerusalem District:  Bnei Hezir |  Grotto of Gethsemane |  Hezekiah's Tunnel |  King Solomon's Quarries |  Sorek Cave |  Te'omim Cave |  Warren's Shaft |  The Western Wall Tunnels
 Judea and Samaria Area:  Haritun Cave |  Milk Grotto Chapel |  Grotto of the Nativity
 Northern District:  Beit She'arim National Park |  Shem Va'Ever Cave
 South District:
 Tel Aviv District:
 West Bank:  St. George Monastery
 unsorted:  Bell Caves |  Subterranean Crusader City |  Deir Muqallik |  Flour Cave |  Hazan Caves |  King Solomon's Mines |  Luzit Caves |  Ma'arat HaMachpelah |  Maresha |  Panias Spring |  Qumran Caves |  Cave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai |  Rosh haNikra |  Sedom Cave |  The Templars Tunnel |  Cave of Treasures

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