Grotte de Tourtoirac

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Location: Near Tourtoirac.
Open: 15-APR to 31-APR Sat, Sun 14-18, last tour 17.
15-APR to JUN daily 10-18, last tour 17.
JUL to AUG daily 10-19, last tour 18.
SEP to 15-NOV daily 10-18, last tour 17.
16-NOV to 15-DEC Sat, Sun 14-18, last tour 17.
Fee: Adults EUR 7.50, Children (6-14) EUR 5, Children (0-5) free.
Groups (20+): Adults EUR 6, Children (6-14) EUR 3.50.
Classification:  Karst cave.
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=3,000m.
Guided tours: L=300m.
Address: Infos, Tel: +33-553-502477.
Grotte de Tourtoirac, 24390 Tourtoirac, Tel: +33-553-511217. E-mail: contact
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1995cave discovered.
MAY-2010opened to the public.


The Grotte de Tourtoirac (Cave of Tourtoirac) is newly discovered and opened to the public only in 2010. As a result the development was done using the most recent technology and know-how. The light is based on LED and the trail is fully wheelchair accessible.

The cave is notable for its extraordinary speleothems. Beneath the soda straws, draperies, rimstone pools, translucent stalactites and stalagmites, there is a wealth of helictites including the extremely rare ones looking like butterflies.

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