Grotte du Placard

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Open: JUL to AUG with reservation only.
Classification:  Karst cave.
Dimension: A=125m asl., L=17m, W=9m.
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1853cave discovered.
1877-1878destructive excavations in search of spectacular objects.
1902important excavation financed by the association française pour l'avancement de sciences.
1912findings analyzed by Abbe Breuil.
1958excavations by Jean Roche.
1988new discoveries by Louis Duport.


The Grotte du Placard is an important archaeologic site which was inhabited between 80.000 and 5.000 BC. The most famous excavator here was Abbe Breuil, who used the restults of the excavation of four layers of Magdalénian to establish a chronology in 1912. This work still serves as a reference today. The Magdalénian finds include bone spears, jewelry made of teeth and pierced shells, and so-called command sticks.

A more recent discovery by Louis Duport in 1988 is rather spectacular. He found a passage with engravings from the Solutrean period (~18.000 years BC). After the excavation of the passage the wall showed a 5m long frieze of horses, deer, ibex, reindeer, a chamois, a saiga antelope, aurochs and two buffalos.

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