Useful Information

Location: Location of the cave/mine, how to get there. Nearest highway, exit number/name, description of the route to the object. Sometimes coordinates in a map, GPS coordinates or link to an online map.
Open: Opening hours.
Fee: Fees for the vistit and the guided tours.
Classification: Geologic and speleologic classification.
Light: Light (electric, carbide, magnesium ribbon).
Dimension: Dimension of the cave.
Guided tours: All about guided tours, except fees.
Bibliography: Some Literature about the described object. Cave guides, booklets, novels or fairy tales, scientific books or papers.
Address: Addresses: administration/information.
Last update: The date of the last update of this paragraph. We can not ensure, that the information provided are still correct. We can not even promise, that we had actual information at this last update. However, be carefull with older information. In case of the fee, the age of the information should give you an idea, how much it might be today.