Pozo Azul

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Location: Covanera, Burgos. 90km south of Santander.
Classification:  Karst cave.
Dimension: T=11°C (water)
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NOV-1964exploration of the first 100m by Joaquín Plana from G.E.Edelweiss.
1979first sump crossed the first time by two divers from the G.E. Standard (STD) from Madrid.
1981second sump reached after the exploration of the subaerial section.
1983383m of sump 2 reached by G.E. Standard.
1989G.E.Gaia advances to 650m.
SEP-2002sump 2 extended to 1,950m and a depth of -60m by Jason Mallinson.
MAY-2004sump 2 extended to 2,220m and a depth of -70m by Jason Mallinson.


Pozo Azul (Blue Pot) is a deep blue karst spring, as the name suggests. It is much visited by tourists. The cave behind the spring is filled with water and only accessible to cave divers.

The water of the spring emerges from a huge cave, starting with a 700m sump. After a 300m swim, a cascade, and a short stream passage a second sump is reached. This second sump is known for 2,220m and a depth of -70m and is the longest sump in Spain.

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