Cueva de El Pendo

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Location: Barrio del Churi, Escobedo de Camargo.
N-623 exit Revilla de Camargo, towards Puente Arce, after 2km. The last 500m of the access road is not suitable for coaches.
Open: Summer daily 10-13, 16-19:30.
Winter Wed-Sun 10-14.
Fee: Adults EUR 3.
Classification:  Karst cave.
Light: electric.
Guided tours:  
Address: Cueva de El Pendo, Escobedo de Camargo, Tel: +34-942-259214, Tel: +34-670-439010
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Cueva de El Pendo (Cave of El Pendo) is one of the most important Palaeolithic sites in northern Spain. A 20,000 years old Frieze of Paintings is the main sight of the large cave. Only 150 visitors are allowed per day, so pre booking is recommended.

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