Cuevas de Fuentemolinos

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Location: Puras de Villafranca, 09258 Belorado, Burgos
Open: Advance booking required.
Fee: Adults EUR 30.
Classification:  Karst cave.
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=4,086m, VR=77m.
Guided tours: L=1,300m, D=3-5h.
Address: BeloAventura, C/Mayor 68, 09250 Belorado, Tel: 670-691173. E-mail: contact
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1959discovered by Félix Ruiz from the caving club Arcaute.
1975begin of intensive exploration by the caving club Niphargus.
1979diving attempts by the Spéleo Club de Montpellier.
1983start of suvey.
1984survey completed.
06-JUL-2006spelunking tours started.


The Cuevas de Fuentemolinos is a 4km long cave with three levels, each level is just a single horizontal passage. The cave is developed in Oligocene limestone conglomerate, which is rather rare. It is noted for an abundance of seleothems including rimstone pools, calcite spars, soda straws and helictites. The cave is a river cave, the river flows through most of the lower level and the entrance is the resurgence.

The cave is closed but there are guided spelunking tours offerd by a local organizer named Beloaventura. The tours shw about 1,300m of the cave, participants are equipped with full caving gear including overall, wellingtons, helmet, head lamp, and gloves. A drop on the route is climbed with a fixed wooden rope ladder.

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