Bergbaumuseum Graubünden

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Location: Davos Schmelzboden.
Light: electric.
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Address: Bergbaumuseum Graubünden, Schmelzboden, Edelweissweg 2, CH-7270 Davos Platz, Tel: +41-081-4136366 E-mail: contact
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19th ctyadministrative building erected.
1933part of the building destroyed.


The Bergbaumuseum Graubünden is not a mine, but a mining museum, representing and explaining a long and diverse mining tradition around Davos. This first industry of the Kanton was of great importance to the inhabitants. It is located in the historic administrative building of the Davoser Gewerkschaft (mining company of Davos) and is located in Schmelzboden "Hoffnungsau". It is one of very few good preserved mining building.

The museum shows documents, pictures, maps and surveys. There are models of mines and mining technology. And probably most important and interesting are varios rock and mineral collections.

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