Grotte aux Nymphes

Gorges mystérieuses de Tête-Noire

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Location: Near Trient.
Open: Open throughout the summer season.
Fee: Entrance free.
Classification: Gorge, river cave.
Light: none, not necessary, electric torch recomended.
Guided tours: n/a
Address: Gorges mystérieuses de Tête-Noire, Grotte aux Nymphes, 1929 Trient, Tel +41-27722-4623, Fax +41-27722-1923.
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1884opened to the public.
1998paths renovated.


The Gorges mystérieuses de Tête-Noire (gorge of the black steps) is a wild and narrow gorge near Trient. A footpaths allows visitor to walk along the gorge, called sentier gorges mystérieuses. This trail is very educative, as several text panels with explanatory text tell background informations about the place.

A special sight of the gorge is the Grotte aux Nymphes (Cave of Nymphs), a rather small cave formed by the wild river.

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