Guadirikiri Grot

Guadirikiri Cave - Cueva di Quadirikiri

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Location: North of Huliba, near to the east coast of Aruba which is named Guadirikiri. Aruba map 1:25.000 Sheet 3.
Open: no restrictions [2005]
Fee: Free. Helmets and flashlights rented for $6. [2005]
Classification:  Karst cave
Light: none
Dimension: A=20m asl, L=150m, Ar=660m².
Guided tours:  
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The entrance of Guadirikiri Grot is located at the base of a cliff. The cave consists of a series of three large rooms, connected by equally large passages. The first two rooms are not completely dark as there are several holes in the roof which let in daylight. Speleothems are thus covered by algae and moss. The rest of the cave, a 35m long passage, is dark and inhabited by bats. The cave shows cave paintings by the natives of Aruba.

There is a legend about the cave. The daughter of an local Indian chief had a boy friend, who was not suitable. But she was wrong-headed and did not want to leave him, so both were confined in the cave and left to chnage their mind or perish. But they remained defiant until they died. Their spirits, full of love, bursted through the roof of the caves and shot up to heaven, thus producing the holes in the ceiling.

Helmets and flashlights can be rented for $6 at the entrance.

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