Le Trou de la Fée

The Fairy's Hole - Grotte de Desbiens

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Location: South of Desbiens.
Open: 11-JUN to 22-AUG daily 9-17.
23-AUG to 26-SEP daily 10-16.
Fee: Adults CAD 14, Children (4-12) CAD 8.
Groups (20+): Adults CAD 10.60, Children (4-12) CAD 7.20.
Trail only: Adults CAD 8, Children (4-12) CAD 4.
Classification:  Erosional cave in granite
Light: electric
Guided tours: Cave: D=30min., L=68m.
Trail: D=60min.
Address: Chemin du Trou de la Fée, 7 c Avenue, CP 50, Desbiens, Québec, GOW 1NO, Tel: +1-418-346-1242, out of season Tel: +1-418-346-5436. E-mail: contact
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1920construction of the hydro-electric power plant.
1921cave discovered by workers of the power plant.
1939-1945people hide in the cave to avoid the military service during the war.
1964cave closed, start of development.
1972opened to the public.
1979international competition in canoeing and kayaking in front of the cave.
1997part of the cave road destroyed by a floot, cave closed.
1999road reopened.


Take an adventure into the depths of the earth. The Trou de la Fée is a lively experience for the visitor. A pathway goes for 2km along the side of the River Métadetchouane with its rapids, waterfalls and remains of a hydro electric system. All this leads to a cave, carved out of the granite by an ice age glacier.

Beware, this the most northerly show cave on the American continent where few of the French speaking natives speak English. It is also moose country so try not to break down on the long drive north. If making a special trip, telephone ahead to make sure the cave is open.

Text by Tony Oldham (2002). With kind permission.

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