Caverna do Diabo

Devils Cave - Gruta da Tapagem

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Location: In Eldorado Paulista. Parque Estadual de Jacupiranga (PEJ). About 10km from Iporanga, on highway BR116 between Jacupiranga and Petar.
Classification:  Karst cave
Light: electric
Dimension: L=6,237m, VR=175m.
Guided tours:  
Bibliography: Michel Le Bret (): A Caverna do Diabo, (Português - Portuguese)
Address: Caverna do Diabo, Pousada do Quiririm, Rodovia SP-165 - Km 156,6, Iporanga, São Paulo.
Info: Tel: +55-15-556-2021, +55-15-556-1273.
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28-NOV-1964connection to the Gruta da Tapagem discovered.
1969Parque Estadual de Jacupiranga founded.


Caverna do Diabo (Devils Cave) is a well developed and beautiful cave with extraordinary speleothems. It is the longest cave of the state São Paulo, but you will find it in the official lists under the name Gruta da Tapagem (Cave of the Hedge). The reason is easy, two different entrances to the same cave system were known for a long time. Not knowing about the connection, the locals gave both of them different names. The connection was discovered in 1964 by Michel Le Bret, Philippe Goethals, Caille Goethals, Luiz Guilherme Assumpção (Méca), and Sérgio Audino

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