Caverna do Morro do Couto

Caverna do Couto - Couto Hill Cave

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Classification:  Karst cave,  river cave.
Light: none
Dimension: L=471m.
Guided tours: L=400m.
Address: Caverna do Morro do Couto.
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Caverna do Morro do Couto is a through cave, which is conneted to the nearby Caverna do Morro Preto. The cave is partly a river cave, and the small brook coming out of its entrance forms a waterfall right below. The cave is visiting walking up the brook to the other side. On some places wooden ladders allow to climb over higher steps of the river bed.

The visitor sees on his trip almost the whole cave as he crosses the hill underground. The lower entrance is rather small, only 1m wide and 2m high, but the upper entrance is a nice highlight of the tour, as it is 30m wide and 50m high.

This cave visit is strenuous because of the water. Despite the rather high water temperatures, this cave trip is suitable only to physically fit visitors. Water proof light and wellingtons are a very good idea.

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