Uhlovitsa - Uhlovitsa Cave

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Location: 3km northeast of Mogilitsa village. Rhodope Mountains. 37km from Pamporovo, 47km from Chepelare.
Open: All year Wed-Sun 10-16. [2000]
Fee: Adults BGL 4, Children BGL 2. [2000]
Classification:  Karst cave.
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=460m, A=1,040m asl, T=10-11°C.
Guided tours: L=330m, V=3000/a.
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1967discovered by Dimitar and Georgi Raichev.


Uhlovitsa Cave is famous for its wealth of speleothems, especially the abundance of cave coral and helictites. The end of the cave is formed by Seven Lakes, but those rimstone pools are water filled only in spring. The cave is named after a certain type of owls which are called Uhlovitsa in Bulgarian.

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