Grottes de Remouchamps

Caves of Remouchamps

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Open: Carnival holidays-15.NOV daily 9-18. 15.NOV-Carnival holidays daily 9:30-17.
Fee: Adults BEF 290, Children BEF 190.
Groups: Adults BEF 230, Children BEF 155.
Schoolgroups: Adults BEF 180, Children BEF 150.
Combi ticket with Monde Sauvage d'Aywaille: Adults BEF 510, Children BEF 330.
Groups: Adults BEF 420, Children BEF 155.
Schoolgroups: Adults BEF 180, Children BEF 150.
Classification:  Karst cave.
Light: electric.
Guided tours: D=75min.
Address: Caves of Remouchamps, B-4920 Remouchamps, Tel: +32-41-844682, Fax: +32-41-609108.
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1912opened to the public.
1924electric light.
2010LED lighting system installed in the Cathedral Hall.


The first part of this cave is visited by foot, but the second part is visited by boat. The boat glides for almost 600m over a winding subterranean river called Rubicon.

The dry part of the cave was inhabited by Paleolithic hunters some 8,000 years ago. The biggest hall in the cave is called Cathedral.

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