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Wollondilly Cave

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Location: From Sydney: Hume Hwy, Wombeyan turnoff south of Mittagong, Mittagong-Wombeyan 65 km/90min. Also: Hume Hwy, Goulburn turnoff north via Taralga, Goulburn-Wombeyan 86 km/1 hour.
Open: Open every day from 8:30.
Fee: Adult $6, Children (5-16) $3, Family $15.
Two Cave Concession (Fig Tree plus any other) Adult $10, Children (5-16) $5, Family $24.
Classification:  Karst cave, cave system,  river cave.
Light: electric.
Guided tours: L=800m, St=520.
Bibliography: H Jane Dyson (ed) et al. (1982): Wombeyan Caves, SSS Occasional Paper No 8. Published 1982.  SSS.
Address: Wombeyan Caves, P.O. Box 18, Taralga NSW 2580. Tel: +61-48-43-5976, Fax: +61-48-43-5988. Michael Chalker, Superintendent.
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1865discovered by Charles Chalker, the first caretaker appointed by the Government.
1875opened for public inspection.
1928electric light.


The most beautiful and interesting features in Wollondilly cave are the Pine Forests and Fortifications. Fortifications are  Rimstone Pools with 20-30 cm high rims. In the water of the pools formed Pine Forests,  calcite crystals looking like 5 cm high christmas trees.

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