The Garden State

Melbourne, the second largest city of Australia, the Great Ocean Road and much more. Victoria has over 800 limestone (karst) caves and several lava tubes. At the coast several marine caves in sandstone or basalt cliffs, so called pseudokarst features, are to be found.

Buchan Caves Great Ocean Road New South Wales South Australia Princess Margaret Rose Cave Princess Margaret Rose Cave Princess Margaret Rose Cave

The  limestone caves are rather small but often well decorated. The karst areas are

The  Buchan region is the loacation of Victoria's longest cave, the B-4, called the show cave system, as the Buchan Show Caves are part of this system.

The  lava tubes are located in the Western lava plains, which extend from Melbourne 350km to the west, almost to the South Australian border. There are more than 80 lava caves in this region. The best area to visit is Mount Eccles National Park, 40km south of Hamilton in Western Victoria.

 Great Ocean Road |  Harman 1 |  Princess Margaret Rose Cave |  Widderin Caves
 Buchan Caves:  Fairy Cave |  Royal Cave |  Federal Cave |  Murrindal Caves |  Shades Of Death Cave
 Central Deborah Gold Mine |  Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine |  Red Hill Alluvial Mine |  Wonthaggi State Coal Mine

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