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Location: Adelaide. Meet the guide in the Burnside Council carpark at 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore
Open: On the third Sunday of each month 13:45. [2004]
Fee: Adults AUD 7, Children AUD 4. [2004]
Classification:  Silver Mine
Guided tours: D=2h.
Address: Glen Osmond Mine Tour, Wheal Watkins Street, Adelaide, South Australia, 5064, Tel: +61-8-8366-4224.
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FEB-1841silver accidentally discovered by the Cornish immigrants Hutchins and Thomas.
1843Wheal Watkins opened up.
1844Glen Osmond mine began working.
1846Wheal Gawler mine bought by Herman Conrad Stakemann.
1851all mines closed and all miners left the area for the gold fields in Victoria.
1855Wheal Watkins worked by the Adelaide Silver Lead Company.
1898mining finally ceased.
1916last and unsuccessful attempt by the Tarcoola Development Syndicate.


Glen Osmond Mines are the oldes metalliferous mines in Australia. The silver was accidentally found by two Cornish immigrants named Hutchins and Thomas. The wheel of a passing dray broke off a piece of rock and exposed the silver. So the first mine was founded called the Wheal Gawler, named after Governor Gawler.

More mines were opened up soon called Wheal Watkins, Wheal Augusta, Enterprise, Eagle, Wheal Hardy and Glen Osmond mine. The South Australian Mining Association was founded and soon the first mineral export from Autralia took place, 31 boxes of ore. Most of the early ore was transported to England for smelting. But South Australia acquired its own smelters on East Terrace and at the Glen Osmond Mine. The mines at Glen Osmond provided work for more than one hundred miners for several years.

The tours are conducted by the Burnside Historical Society The two hour tour includes points of interest enroute to and from the mines and an inspection of the workings in Wheal Watkins.

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