Republic of Iraq


Iraq, located in the Middle East, is hardly a tourist country. Actually, it does a lot to keep foreigners away. These include frequent wars, terrorism, civil unrest, corruption and a dysfunctional government. And climate change is leading to the rapid desertification of farmland. As a result we actually have no tourist sites we could list, nevertheless, we finally decided to add the country. The sites we have listed below are possible tourist sites. Currently, they are not accessible.

Iraq has a coastline measuring 58 km on the northern Persian Gulf. The country easily encompasses the Mesopotamian Alluvial Plain, the "two river country" where the first civilizations in human history existed. The two major rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates, have their springs in the Zagros mountain range of Kurdistan in southern Turkey. They flow through the wide, fertile plain and then merge to form the Shatt al-Arab, which flows into the Persian Gulf after 200 km. The two rivers are essential for irrigation, factually allo The eastern part of the Syrian Desert extends into the country. All the sites we listed are located in the mountains in Kurdistan, as the marshy plains are not suitable for caves.

Iraq is composed of eighteen governorates or provinces. The federal government of Iraq is democratic and composed of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. There are eight governorates with rather high independence.