World War I

World War I between 1914 and 1918 changed the way wars were fought and wars were percieved. Before the winner typically reached a goal, now possessing land or villages. In this war machines and technology were used, vast landscapes bombed into the ground, millions of soldiers and civilians killed, and at the end all had lost. Even the winner. This war changed the way wars were seen.

There are fewer remains than one would think, it seems they were destroyed in the hope to destroy the bad luck with them. A few years ago there was the 100th anniversary and most European countries which were frontier during the war restored and reopened battlefields and bunkers. The most impressive sites are in Belgium and France, in the Alps and in the Karst. We made a little list, not because we like war, in the contrary, because we think it's necessary to remember the past in order to avoid repeating it.