Good Luck

Miners are believers, because it's a good thing to have supernatural help in the dangerous underground workplace. Typical signs are the statues of Saint Barbara, the patron Saint of the miners, and the miners greeting. But miners are also superstitious, so rituals and wishing luck was important too. So a special term for wishing luck was appropriate.

The "good luck" is a tradition which originates from the German speaking central Europe. The German term is "Glück auf", which actually means two things. Auf sometimes means "up" or "upwards", so it wishes luck to return to the surface, to come back "up". Auf also means "open up" or "get wider", in this case it means have luck that your seam widens and contains more valuable ore. The idea for a greeting was adopted in all countries where German miners were employed for their knowledge, together with many other mining-related terms. Similar traditions from British miners, Cornish and Welsh for example, did the same. Nevertheless, in most countries it was reduced to a simple good luck in the local language, as the wordplay could not be translated.

Term English Language
Glück auf lucky return/luck finding ore Deutsch - GermanDeutsch - German: DACH
Srečno good luck Slovensko - SlovenianSlovenian
Eey Up / ayup / eyup look out EnglishEnglish: North Midlands and South Yorkshire
Mi Duck good luck EnglishEnglish: East Midlands
Iawn cont good luck Welsh
buona fortuna good luck Italiano - ItalianItaliano - Italian
sretno good luck Hrvatski - CroatianHrvatski - Croatian
bonne chance good luck Français - FrenchFrançais - French
buena suerte good luck Español - SpanishEspañol - Spanish
boa sorte good luck Português - PortuguesePortuguês - Portuguese
удачи (udachi) good luck русский - Russianрусский - Russian
успех (uspekh) good luck български - BulgarianBulgarian
held og lykke good luck DanishDanish
õnn kaasa good luck EstonianEstonian
onnea congratulations Suomeksi - FinnishSuomeksi - Finnish
succes good luck Nederlands - DutchNederlands - Dutch
lykke til good luck Norsk - NorwegianNorsk - Norwegian
Strzec Boze God protect Polski - PolishPolski - Polish
succes success RomanianRomanian
сретно good luck SerbianSerbian
jó szerencsét good luck HungarianHungarian
chúc may mắn good luck VietnameseVietnamese
labu veiksmi good luck LatvianLatvian
lycka till good luck SwedishSwedish
veľa šťastia / Zdar Boh good luck / Hello God SlovakSlovak
iyi şanslar good luck TurkishTurkish
paç fat good luck AlbanianAlbanian
Zdař Búh Hello God CzechCzech
سعيد (saeid) happy ArabicArabic