Biggest Underground Chambers

It is rather difficult to determine the biggest chamber. First its a problem how to measure its dimensions, and then its a problem to decide which aspect of the survey data is most significant.

How do you measure the size of an underground chamber? In caves it is rather difficult to determine exact sizes, as surveying just follows a single line. You just get a sort of skeleton of the cave. The solution to measure surface and volume is to add the distance to walls, floor and ceiling. You measure to the wall as often as possible. In big chambers you may survey once along the wall. The height is determined using a thin rope and a gas filled balloon. This is also done as often as possible.

Height Width Length Name Description
70m 300m 700m CaveSarawak Chamber in Good Luck Cave, Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia. This is the biggest cavern (biggest single chamber) of the world. It is 700m long and 70m high with an average width of 300m.