Lost Caves

Lost caves are what the name implies: the knowledge about a cave still exists, but the cave itself has gone missing. In other words, these caves or cellars are very well known, sometimes even famous, they definitely exist. In most cases they were even once open to the public. But today you can no longer visit them, but not because they are simply locked. They are not accessible because they have been lost, nobody knows where they are.

It is likely that they are not completely lost. There is probably someone who still knows where they are, but it is not published, not common knowledge. If you ask at the tourist office, they will tell you that you are wrong and it does not exist. And are quite astonishment when you pull out the 19th century Baedecker and they read the description. In most cases, the cave is simply not accessible because it is on private property and the owner does not reveal anything.

showcaves.com is dedicated to underground tourist attractions. Strictly speaking, these lost objects are not among them, But we also deliberately list closed show caves, of which there are very many, precisely because their non-existence makes them impossible to find. Nobody pays for web space, nobody advertises that their cave is bankrupt. And so for years there are still brochures and travel guides and great photo galleries of visitors, but when you get there it's locked. Lost caves are even worse: you can't find them because they've even forgotten where they are.