The Caves of the Earth

Daniel P. Kidder

Daniel Parish Kidder (18-OCT-1815 to 29-JUL-1891) was an American Methodist Episcopal theologian and writer. In 1837 went to Brazil to work as a missionary on the Northeast and the Amazon. After his return to the United States in 1840, he served as a corresponding secretary of the Methodist Sunday School Union. He was also editor of Sunday-school publications and tracts, professor of homiletics, and secretary of the board of education of his church.

This is obviously not a typical caver, and most of his publications are of the religious sort. Nevertheless he wrote some at least partly scientific books, about his travels, Brazil, the people living there and more. And for some reason he also wrote a book about caves, which is actually not half bad. Just ignore the bible verses.

Like always, such historic books are scanned and OCRed, the result is readable but not very well. We thus did a correction run for the book. And as the book is definitely public domain all over the World, this electronic version is too.