British Army Builds Top Secret Base in Mexican Cave

In general caving expeditions try to contact local authorities, especially town government and offer speeches where they explain to the locals what they intend to do. Also it has become a custom to invite locals to join the expedition, if they are physically fit enough. There are far less legends and rumours if locals witness their work. There was a case in Mexico where a group of cavers which were also members of the British army were "trapped" in a flooded cave. Actually they were inside the cave in no danger, but when they returned after a week unharmed, the flood had made international news and speculations about the British Army invading Mexico, stealing gold treasures and installing top-secret underground army bases, had made international news. As a result foreign cavers were banned for years, then had to apply for permits before entering the country. As a result any international caving expedition does now do a lot of awareness-raising for the locals.