Region Hovedstaden

Capital Region of Denmark

Region Hovedstaden (Capital Region of Denmark) is located on the northern tip of the island Sjælland (Zealand) It includes Copenhagen, the capital of the country, hence the name. The capital of the region is surprisingly not Copenhagen, its Hillerød. The sites we have listed here are artificial, cellars or museums, and a cistern.

The most important traffic infrastructure of Denmark is probably the Øresund Bridge, which connects the island with two tunnels and a huge bridge to Sweden. This route is the main land route from Europe to Scandinavia. As the area is rising because of post-glacial rebound, the land is rising by 9 mm every year, there were additional engineering difficulties for the construction of the bridge. Another was the unhindered passage of even the biggest ships through the international sea way Øresund, which is the only connection between North Sea and Baltic Sea.

The island on Bornholm also belongs to this region. This is the easternmost island of Denmark, about 100 km east of the rest of the country. It is geologically quite different, has 1.7 Ga old crystalline rocks with gneiss, granite, numerous gangues with diabas. This is the only location in the country where such rocks are found, so the island was mined for those rocks which were then transported to the cities by ship. The most important rocks are the granites, which were used for numerous public buildings. Also, the rock forms cliffs at the sea and sea caves, so this is actually the only place in Denmark where caves are found.