Czech Republic - About the Country

The Czech Republic has currently fourteen show caves which are open to the public. They are managed by the Správa jeskyní České republiky (see the link below). When the Czech Republic was a socialist country, all natural monuments were owned and maintained by the state. In other words, the caves were all maintained by the same government office.

But now socialist Czechoslovakia is gone, the country split into two independent democratic countries, Czech and Slovakia. And while the Czech Republic is part of the European Union and Schengen, it has not accepted the Euro. But the officials understood the importance of the show caves for the tourism industry, and they made big efforts in the last decades to develop the caves while keeping them as intact as possible. All caves have newly renovated paths and railings, the lights are modernized, and the brochures and publications have a very high quality. Unfortunately, the entrance fees were raised to western standards, and while the wages were raised during the last years, they are still quite expensive for the Czech citizens.

There are 15 caves in the country we classified as show caves. 14 of them are managed by the Správa jeskyní České republiky. Only one cave, Strašínská jeskyne, is not managed by them, it is managed by the Municipality Strašín.

For more information, contact:

Správa jeskyní České republiky (Cave Administration of the Czech Republi)c, Květnové náměstí 3, CZ-252 43 Průhonice, Tel: +420-271-000-040. E-mail: