Biggest Underground Waterfalls

 Gaping Ghyll The Fell Beck drops 100m from the moor into Gaping Ghyll, Britain's largest cavern, and the fall of the Beck into the pothole is Britain's highest unbroken waterfall.
 Grotte aux Fées has a 77m high waterfall which is part of the tour. This seems to be the highest underground waterfall in any show cave worldwide.
 Ruby Falls The waterfall is called Ruby Falls, like the show cave, is 44m high and the largest underground waterfall open to the public in the United States.
 Dyavolsko Garlo contains numerous underground waterfalls, among them the third highest underground waterfall in any tourist cave of the world, which is 42m high.
 Grotte et cascade de Seythenex The only tourist cave in the Haute Savoie has a 40m high underground waterfall. Footbridges and staircases enable visitors to walk up to the top of the waterfall.
 Balma di Rio Martino At the end of the easy accessible part is a 40m high waterfall.

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