The Deepest Caves of the World

Image:  Lamprechtsofen, Austria.

There are three caves which have been the deepest cave of the world during the last years. All three are still explored, and new parts are discovered every year. The exploration of such deep caves is very difficult and strenuous, and so the expeditions often stop with many unexplored leads. The research of the last decade brought several new discoveries and so this list had to be rewritten several times. We are not in the position to keep it always actual, so please visit the other pages on deep caves, especially the page of the Geology and Geography Section of the National Speleological Society (see link below).

 Voronya Cave (Krubera Cave) in Abkhazia, Georgia. This is, at the moment, the deepest cave of the world. The depth is 2,140m (OCT-2005).
 Lamprechtsofen, Austria. The Lamprechtsofen was on place one for some time, after a group of Polish speleologists discovered a connection to a nearby cave system, which was already known. But it lost place one after only two years on JAN-2001 with the new discoveries in Voronya Cave. Lamprechtsofen is 1,632m deep (February 2005).
 Gouffre Mirolda in the Haute Savoie, France, is 1,733m deep (May 2003).

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