external link This are links, that leave my site.
We try to add as much external links as possiblle, especially if there exists an official site, which means a site made by the owner of the cave. We mark them with a small planet earth symbol, which tells you that this link will lead you to the rest of the world....

In the last years several strange judicial decisions made it necessary to point out the following: We are linking only to sites about caves, mines, geology, and sometimes tourist sites. However, we have no possibility to ensure the content of pages that are not maintained by us.
By following any link leading out of my site, you accept, that we are not responsible for the content you may find.

book The book symbolizes a Literature link.
This site contains a Speleo Bookstore which is in Association with We tried to add as many interesting books about the topic of this site as possible. A link with the book logo will lead you to the named book on the website or to my Speleo Bookstore.

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