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The Professional Development of Show Caves

All around the world caves are developed to make them suitable for tourists. Paths are built and electric light is installed. This work is done, depending on the local traditions and probably the local laws. Several countries have institutions which are responsible for the safety of the visitors and which check the installations. There are caves with very little installations, which are a bit rough and probably only suitable to physically fit visitors. But there are also caves which are very well developed, sometimes even without respect to the environement.

On this page we collected some examples of astonishing development results. They are somewhere between funny and frightening. But have a look yourself.

Image: how to install electric wires.
 Eberstadter Tropfsteinhöhle, Germany.
Image: its rather logical to illuminate thin, translucent bacon rinds from behind. But the construction of this lamp is definitely 19th century. Chalkers blanket is one of the most famous speleothems in this cave.
 Junction Cave,  Wombeyan Caves, Australia.
Image: but whatever man does to a cave, its just a matter of time until it heals. Sometimes healing is faster than you think.
 Junction Cave,  Wombeyan Caves, Australia.
Image: cleaniiiing womaaaan!
Use modern technology for bright results.
 Lucas Cave,  Jenolan Caves, Australia.
Image: not really bad this construction. However, the idea was to make it invisible for the visitor.....
 Fig Tree Cave,  Wombeyan Caves, Australia.

And a last word: there are many pictures from Australia on this page. This does not mean that Australian caves are unsafe or anything similar. We felt safe and enjoyed our visits. It is just a coincidence that the most funny pictures we found on this topic were from this series. We've seen similar and worse all over the world. Still it seems rather strange when you see this in western high tech countries like France, Belgium, Germany, or Australia. Some eastern countries do not have this problem: most caves in Romania do not have electric light......

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